MEchatronics and Systems for Advanced Production Innovation Cluster

MESAP is one of the 12 Innovation Clusters sponsored by Regione Piemonte inside Regional Programme ERDF 2007-2013. The actual number of participants is about one hundred subjects, comprehending SMEs, large Companies and Research Centers (University and Politecnico of Torino, Istituto Superiore Mario Boella – ISMB, Istituto Nazionale di Ricerca Metrologica – INRIM, CSP and Environment Park).

MESAP is active at local level to:
1) transfer new knowledge from RTD Providers to enterprises, enabling contacts among different actors and promoting cooperative projects at regional, national and European level
2) add value to technological competences of MESAP partners enabling cross sector fertilisation practices, so opening new frontiers for innovative products/systems/components, together with outstanding production processes
3) enhance territorial competitiveness and create new business opportunities through enterprises’ network building, innovation special projects promotion, new international markets opening for MESAP partners
4) increase human capital competences and skills creating, together with Universities, new education paths and promoting transfer of highly skilled Personnel from RTD providers to local industrial environment, in order to strengthen its innovation processes.

The final goal of MESAP’s actions is to strengthen and complement local supply chains, enhancing their competitiveness all over the world inside areas which are strategic for future industrial production processes.

MESAP activities cross three application areas:
• “SMART PRODUCTS”, highly customized/adaptive, multifunctional, high added value, top level know-how embedded inside, easy to use, reliable, safe, affordable
• “FLEX PROCESSES”, highly efficient, flexible, adaptive and scalable in terms of volumes
• “GREEN PROCESSES”, extremely eco/energy efficient, safe, ergonomic.

Contact person : Mrs Cristina CUSCUNA
Via Manfredo Fanti, 17 – 10124 Torino
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